Sports - leisure time

Lots of marked trails lead through forests, colourful blooming meadows and romantic ravines. More than 20 huts on the north and the south side of the valley invite you to have a rest. Mountaineers can hike to one of 60 peaks over 3.000m with experienced mountain guides.

“Water rats” find a slide and a diving platform at the outdoor swimming pool of Virgen. There are a tennis court and pitches for Beachball and Volleyball and a rink for inline skating. Rafting on the thundering “Isel” will be an attraction for tourists (holidaymakers) who love adventure. Mountain cyclists can drive along forest paths and paths along the fields.

Sights in Virgen and its surroundings

Dream of times long ago, feel the present

  • the pilgramage church of “Maria Schnee” (15th century)
  • the ruins of “Rabenstein”
  • the trail of the senses
  • the cascades of Umbal, the first water show trail in Europe
  • “Gschlöß”, the glacier trail
  • the “Zedlacher Paradies”, forest nature trail, larch forest with centuries-old, gnarled and giant trees
  • the Bruck Castle, former residence of the counts of Görz
  • Aguntum, originally an Illyrian settlement, then developed into a thriving town of the Romans


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